This fall the popular taxi service company, Uber, is planning to announce a partnership with many high end retailers to deliver their goods in a time and cost efficient way. The company is using its competitive advantage it gained in the taxi sector to diversify itself into a global transportation company.


It is thought the venture will first be rolled out in New York City with many luxurious brands who operate in Fifth Avenue being the early users of the service. Furthermore, Uber has been in discussion with the likes of Big Commerce and Shopify who help small business set up online storefronts.

The move is one which will generate competition in the retail delivery sector as Amazon have taking a stronghold on the market. Amazon offers deliveries on Sundays and has even cut delivery time to a maximum of a hour in some cities in the United States.  Unlike, companies who do not have such privileges and tend to leave their customers waiting three to four weeks before they receive their parcel .

Uber lost out on lucrative contracts to deliver goods for Apple and Starbucks, who chose to partner with rival courier service Postmates.

Still, if major retailers like Target or Macy’s got behind the service, it could just be what both Uber and the store chains need to gain traction with customers.

With internet shopping on a dramatic increase it is vital for Uber to gain market share in the E commerce delivery field.