Chinese smartphone producer Xiaomi are set to release a laptop as early as next year according to Bloomberg. The smartphone giants are in talks with Samsung, who are likely to manufacture the internal hardware as well as the display monitors. Many are curious as to what operating system the soon-to-be released laptop will run on.

Many are skeptic of Xiaomi decision to enter the PC market as they argue that computers are out of date and are not as necessary following the growth of smartphones.

If Xiaomi is to follow the same strategy it has done with their smartphones, the laptop will be a mid-range category and providing a good quality laptop with differentiated software and services at a low price. This is the correct strategy to follow as it is unlikely Xiaomi will pierce the premium tier of which Apple dominates.

Xiaomi, the fourth largest smartphone vendor, entered the smartphone market only five years ago and already provides top of the range devices with premier compartments at affordable prices. Yet, the Chinese giants face many barriers to entry in penetrating the laptop market in which Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard Co. and Apple are all big players.