GRIP’s Online Platform Raises More Concern For Google In Europe

Today, law firm Hausfeld & Co and public affairs consultancy Aviss launched GRIP; ‘Google Redress & Integrity. The new website aims to become a central database for companies and organizations that believe they’ve been harmed by the search giant’s, alleged anticompetitive practices. The website offers services for European companies who believe they have been affected by Google’s antitrust behavior. Civil cases are uploaded onto the site and evaluated by Hausfeld for a fee.

GRIP Google

This isn’t the first time Google has come under the scrutiny of European eyes. The European Union ruled that Google must remove links to sites containing outdated personal information, under the heading the ‘right to be forgotten’. Furthermore, the European Union filed antitrust charges against the company and is considering stricter regulation governing its future.

“It has been five years between the first complaint against Google and the EC’s statement of objections, which is about three times longer than the groundbreaking Microsoft case,” Jacques Lafitte, founder of Avisa Partners, said in a statement. “Google’s president, lawyers and publicists have worked well to create this delay. But Google has not been able to stop the inevitable: It finally faces justice.”

The European Commission has been investigating Google in relation to the way it displays search results since 2010, which may ultimately lead to huge fines for the Internet giant.

GRIP said it will deal with all of Google’s services, including search, YouTube, maps and Android. Google are yet to comment on GRIP’s new motives