Further Developments About Uber

Further Developments About Uber: Uber is probably going to join the stock market in the next 18-24 months: this is what came out from a leaked doc based on an investor’s presentation.

As expected, Uber’s management did not comment on those supposed to be true information, but what is sure is that the open cab company is enlarging its activities in China and India with special deals and offers to increase the number of affiliated drivers.

In those markets the potential is huge, first of all because of the overcharged use of private cars in metropolis and in addition, because of new governmental laws encouraging citizens to use cabs rather than their own cars.

Despite some documents have been found about Uber’s revenue, we still have no precise data and information concerning the expense data, but if the current projections made by are reliable, the company is expected to have almost quadrupled its revenue in the last year alone and before the supposed IPO, the company has plenty of time on its own to adjust its legal issues both with its drivers and the countries in which it operates.