Fed Minutes are Leaving the Markets On Fire

What happened yesterday: the FED released its minutes about interest rates and other relevant economic data. Before that, today at 8.30 am we will get to know relevant data including jobless claims, existing home sales, leading indicators and the Philadelphia Fed survey at 10 a.m.

There are three important days in September to look at: 4th, 16th and 17th September when the big FED report and the expected rate hikes will take place, even if no certain data came out about the quantitative use of interest rates, because the related data is still due to be released.

The first conclusion we can draw is that investors have to be ready to at least one month of market volatility, which is the result of nowadays uncertainty about which direction the US economy will undertake, the low oil prices, currency volatility with a strong dollar and the Chinese economy. But even after mid September, financial markets are continuing to be difficult to handle, aided by the fact that oil prices, according to the last analysis and analysts insights, will continue to be bearish.

The situation is expected to change from January on, when the Yuan is going to be more quiet and consequentially Chinese economy will grow at a stable and more sustainable peace.