Amazon and the Threatening News

An exposé recently published by the New York Times claims that the working environment in Amazon is awful and the management puts productivity and efficiency goals way before primary human needs.

This is not the first time that we hear about a not fair conduct adopted at Amazon towards its employees, but this time the news came out by the New York Times and it has directly employees testimonials to prove the truth about the labour conditions that, according to some employees, seem to be inhuman and not fair.

Trying to set the claims out of fire, Jeff Bezos explained that he was totally not aware of what was going on, adding that he can’t believe such a treatment in a company and that he himself would leave such a company if he encountered those bad working conditions.

That’s fair and probably Jeff and the top management where not really aware of what was going on in Amazon’s warehouses, while they were planning to offer super fast delivery and enlarge their products portfolio. Now that the signals of uneasiness are strong and widespread and the management is aware of what is going on, it is the time to take the proper measures in order to set an ending line to what some employees said to be an inhuman working treatment. The downside of the coin is that such a big company strongly needs to provide its workers with good working conditions and flexibility and in the tech world there are some proficiency examples such as Google; it is true that they deal with different domain and services, but in the end, in the long run, what makes the difference is a devoted and committed working environment and labour force. The next step to cope with the increasing demand of fast speed delivery and storage is to increase the number of automated machines that store and pick up the products from the storage shelves. Suddenly another problem will come up to the surface and it will be the one of re-distributing the labour force in other mansions, in order not to leave them at their unlucky doom. Challenges for Amazon are never ending, but if it wants to play big, it will have to act big.