Apples new music streaming service is beeing checked by competiton guardians in the US. It is important to protect the market from secret agreements, a New York prosecuter said.

New York is checking on Apple’s new music streaming service. The prosecuters of New York and Connecticut are checking whether music corporations are beeing pressured by Apple to prefer Apple Music. It is important to protect the music streaming market from secret agreements and other actions which would harm competition.

The Universal Music Group declared there have not been any agreements. An Apple spokesperson refused to give a comment on the matter. The New York Times reported the investigations.

Apple introduced it’s new service last week monday, with which customers are able to listen to unlimited music online for a fixed price. The offer includes a 24 hour internet radio channel.

The company from the Silicon Valley is competing with existing music streaming companies like Spotify. Experts are optimistic for Apple beein successful, due to it’s hundret’s of million’s of iTunes users and good contacts into the music industry..