For Volkswagen (VLKAY) the US market was the problematic market for a long time. The Germans just didn’t manage to built the cars the majority of the americans wanted. This might have changed now.

In June Europe’s largest car manufacturer sold 30,000 cars of it’s core brand Volkswagen. Almost 6% more than in Mai. Especially the Golf was desired. Already in March VW managed to increase it’s sales in the US. But Still Volkswagen is far behind it’s competitors due to a mismanaged policies on which models to market in the US. The mismanaged model policies in the US even led to a fight in the top management of the company, leading to the resign of chief of the supervisory board. Now VW’ sales are picking up, especially by selling SUVs. VW’s daughter company Audi increased sales by 8.3% Porsche grew by 3%, while the big Bavarian competitor BMW grew by almost 8%.

The demand for SUVs and Pickups in the United States is booming. Ford profited and sold 2% more cars in June. Fiat and Chrysler increased sales by 8%. Especially Jeep was demanded a lot. Toyota, the largest manufacturer in the world, sold in the largest economy of the world 4% more cars than in Mai. Also Daimler increased it’s sales by almost 6%.

The only large company which didn’t sell more cars in June was General Motors. GM sold 3% less cars in June.