Top Stock: First Solar

Although First Solar’s 2015 Q1 results look dim compared to 2014’s Q4 reports, the company is quietly working on the deal it struck with Apple in February of this year. News of First Solar’s $848 million deal with Apple sent their share price soaring in March and April, before dipping slightly following the excitement.

After a quiet few months, First Solar should start moving again with their release of a breakthrough advancement in solar energy. They will use this technology to complete the deals they struck earlier this year, such as the 25 year power purchase agreement made with Apple.

The US Department of Energy verified and certified that First Solar’s new cadmium-telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic module demonstrates a record level of sunlight conversion with regards to their solar panels. At 18.6% efficiency, these modules convert more sunlight into electricity than do the average silicon modules.  As a bonus, First Solar has managed to create this module well below their anticipated standard cost by employing the thinner, less expensive cadmium-telluride panels.

This breakthrough provides strong evidence that First Solar is on track to complete active projects and meet its long term technology goals of sustainable product improvements..