Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella reduces the workforce responsible for ads and maps. 1300 employees shall change companies.

Microsoft is giving the largest part of it’s business with online ads to AOL. AOL will be responsible for the work with banners, videos and other ads on mobile devices in nine countries, including important markets like the US, UK and Germany. In consideration AOL will use microsoft’s search engine Bing for 10 years.

While Microsoft gives up all the advertisement revenues except the ones coming from Bing, AOL gains in the competition with it’s rivals Google, Yahoo and Facebook. AOL just got bought by Verizon. According to information from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, 1200 Microsoft employees shall switch to AOL.

Simultaneously Uber profits from Microsoft stopping to create their own data for maps. The startup gets specific technological equipment, a computing center, cameras, some patents, as Microsoft confirmed to the Wall Street Journal. The data for Microsoft’s Bing Maps shall come from future partners and shall be merged into one product at Microsoft. 100 employees shall switch to Uber.

Uber shall also have had ambitions to by the map service from Nokia, which als attracted the attention from german car manufacturers as Audi, Daimler and BMW. Nokia delivers crucial data to Micrsoft’s map services.

Uber needs maps for their billing processes via smart phones. Additionally Uber researches on self driving cars, which are dependant on self driving cars..