Many car owners thought about how much time their car stands and is not used. GM’s german daughter Opel wants to get rid of that thought now. With an app the company wants to allow car owners to offer their cars to interested users.

The concept is not new: Companies like Tamyca or the French Company Drivy, which recently took over the German company Autonetzer, are offering services to offer the use of your car to others. GM’s competitor Ford just announced a cooperation with online platforms like Getaround in the US.

Most manufacturers use car sharing to promote their recent models. Daimler brings it’s Smarts and BMW it’s Minis, 1 series and electric car i3 on the streets. Volkswagen is tests car sharing concepts in several projects with it’s Golf series.

But Opel’s app is not just bound to it’s own brand. Cars from other companies can be used as well.

Opel’s model saves a lot of money

Before it is clear how many users are interested in that service, many cars must be put on the street first. BMW has been profitable last year already in Germany. Mercedes profits in a few cities already. Opel wants to skip the huge investment of putting thousands of cars in the cities. They save the investments for the cars and the costs for maintenance. This also means they will not profit as much from the return, since it will go to the owner of the car. But that’s not what Opel aims for. They would just profit from more people using there cars.

Even though the number of suppliers is steadily growing, the market in Europe is not over saturated yet. Independent forecasts project that as well. The number of users might increase by 200% in the next 5 years in Germany alone..