Amazon vs Uber

Delivering some packages on the way to work and making some extra cash – Amazon is developing an app in order to deliver with the help of private people in order to savee delivery costs. Uber has a similar idea.

Amazon wants to make everyone a potential delivery person in order to lower delivery costs. As the Wall Street Journal reported is the company working on an app, which shall coordinate such services. With this app occasional messengers could deliver packages to amazon customers on there way to work. A date for the start of such an offer is not fixed yet.

Last year the delivery costs for amazon increased more than 30%, more than the revenue grew. Amazon did not give a statement to the article yet.

Uber wants to develop to a messenger service additionally

Amazon is not alone with the idea of privatizing delivery services. The driver service Uber wants to expand is business model into delivery through private people as well. But the start up is still having difficulties as the Wall Street Journal mentioned. Eventhough Uber negotiated with Apple and Starbucks to do shopping and for there customers, but in both cases the start up Postmates from San Francisco got the contracts. Uber also negotiated with food delivery services, but no deal was made so far.

Still analysts have confidence in Uber to expand its system into transport and therefor become a new power in the logistics industry. Ubers high evaluation in the 10s of billions is connected to these expectations.

Uber has a huge network of 200,000 active drivers, which could function as messengers on the side. Uber manager Jason Droege explained the company is sticking to its plans for delivery services. Uber already experimented with the delivery of sushi in Barcelona, designer suits in Manhatten and condoms in Washington.

Uber and Amazon are not the only billion dollar companies trying to market new delivery services. Google and Ebay are experimenting with delivery services as well..