Sixt is going to pay a Dividend of 3% on June 4th

The German car manufacturer Sixt (SIX2) is using the chancellor Merkel meme from the G7 summit to advertise its stockholder’s meeting on June 24th. Sixt is promising “the largest dividend of all time”.

“Soo eine Dividende” can be translated with “Suuuch a dividend.” The announced Dividend would be 3% of the market capitalization from June 3rd. That’s of course not bad, but looking into the SDAX, you can see there is other companies paying even more. The SDAX consists of 50 small and medium sized companies in Germany. In terms of market capitalization and book value they are ranked place 81 to 130 of all German companies.

The established car rental companies are facing rapid changes in the market.  Car sharing services are becoming more and more popular and electric cars will change the way of car usage in the next decades.

SIXT has a good infrastructure and reputation and is well established in the market.  They are cooperating with the large German car manufacturers and introduced new car sharing services for which they use there infrastructure. Sixt has a market cap of 1.81 billion.