After introducing the hyper loop in 2013 Ilon Musk’s insane idea is actually taking off.  Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyper loop Transportation Technologies (HTT) claims that the project is now post theoretical, at a stage where prototyping can already begin.

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The project will begin with a first 5-mile line in 2016 in the community known as Quay Valley located between Las Angeles and San Francisco. Unfortunaly while this short stretch will suffice for testing the technology, boarding procedure and safety procedures it will not be enough of a distance to reach top speed. As a results further tests will have to be completed (probably around 2018) to tests the system under top speed conditions.

The low pressure tubes will allow a bus sized capsule to reach near supersonic speeds of 800 MPH.  If you are wondering that’s Las Angeles to New York in three and a half hours.  This kind of technology could be a game changer for the aviation market, and it might not be as far as one might think. It now seems to be more a matter of when than if, so make sure you are not holding any airline stocks at that moment..