Yahoo has won the rights to streaming the NFL’s first game that will be available for streaming worldwide for a game that will be played in London on October 25th. According to re/code, Yahoo paid up to $20 million dollars for the rights to stream the game, which includes the exclusive ad rights for the game. Industry executives familiar with the bidding claim that at least one other major tech company made a very competitive offer.


What this will generate for Yahoo will be very interesting to watch, as the game features two small market teams that do not generate that much attention. However, the game will be a novelty as it is the first of its kind, and it will be attractive to curious European audiences where the game will be played in primetime. Yahoo is focused on the streaming quality at this point, as it looks to establish itself as a viable video player.

The worldwide audience is also extremely attractive, as it will give the web portal exposure in different markets. Currently, fans in foreign markets do not have access to watch NFL games, and they have to resort to illegally streaming games. The NFL could be looking into ways to combat this, while increasing exposure for the sport across Europe and in Asia. The worldwide advertising also provides Yahoo with an interesting opportunity, and it can explore with ways to track the success of its advertisements on video as well. In general, this is a positive move for the company..