The continuing crisis in greece is affecting the stock markets again. DAX is dropping, Athen has almost no time left, until friday Greece has to pay back 300 million Euro to the IMF, money the Gouvernment doesn’t have.

Greece has to pay back its debts to the IMF. The first 300 million are due on friday, but the government does not have the money. Investors are afraid of Greece exiting the Euro zone, the “Grexit”. The risk of an upcomin grexit is increasing every day some analysts say.

On wednsday the ECB has its monthly meeting, but no changes to the monetary policy are expected. The ECB is pumping 60 billion Euro monthly into the market at least until the end of September 2016.

The monetary policy of the ECB and the fear of american investors of an interest rate increase by the FED let european stocks surge in the first quarter of 2015. Since mid April the situation in Greece is changing the situation for investors.


Picture: DAX chart from January 1st to June 1st..